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Hot steam ascends from your freshly cooked vegetable. Your fork pierces through the outer layer displaying the vegetable’s tenderness. You take a bite and within seconds, a hurricane of delicious flavors swirls in your mouth. You hold only one regret, which is not buying more tasty vegetables. Our Large Fresh Fruit/ Veg Mixed Box contains produce you and your family will truly enjoy.

Please carefully read the listed Items below. The product images may not display all the available produce. 

This box is a very large box filled with a large assortment of produce. The perfect size for sharing with others. It will contain the following contents:


3 - Gala Apples.

2- Granny Smith Apples.

2 - Avocado. 

1 - Banana Bunches. 3lb.

1 - Pineapple. 

3 - Lemon.

4- Limes.

1 - Driscoll Strawberry Clamshell. 

1 - Red Grape Bag. 3lb

4 - Oranges. 

2 - Bulk Tomatoes. 


2 - Broccoli Crowns.

1 -Cello Carrots. 1lb.

2 - Cucumbers. 

1 - Romaine Lettuce Premium. 

1 - White Onions. 

1- Red Jumbo Onion.

1- Yellow Onion.

2 -Green Bell Peppers.

4 - Idaho Potatoes.

3 - Yellow Corns.

1 - Zucchini. 

1 - Yellow Squash.

1 - Asparagus. 3lb.

1- Celery.